Project Description

The wonderful thing about designing with a restricted color palette is that subtle textures and design elements get the chance to take center stage. With the help of a one-step looping tool, this lovely necklace is a fast and easy project.


Chain-nose pliers
One-step looping tool

Beads From Your Box:

Bird Beads (2)
Grey Beads (7)
White Heart
White Stone Beads (18)

Additional Materials:

Bead Cap (1)
Hook-Style Clasp (Simpson
Magnesite Spike
Silver Plated Wire: 20 Gauge
Silver Plated Jump Rings: 4mm (22) and 8mm (1)
Small Piece Of Scrap Lace
Twisted Silver Plated Jump Rings (4) (


1. To make the back chain section, use 20 gauge wire and a one-step looping tool to turn 18 white stone beads into connectors. Use (17) 4mm jump rings to connect them all together. Fig 1

Love Birds Necklace Fig 1A
2. Attach the hook clasp to one end of the chain, using a large twisted jump ring. Fig 2

Love Birds Necklace Fig 2A
3. Use the looper tool to make the connector beads. Each one should have one grey bead and one bird bead, with the grey bead at the top. Fig 3

Love Birds Necklace Fig 3A
4. Use (2) twisted jump rings to attach the bird connectors to the chain.
5. Use grey beads to make 4 more connectors. Attach them together in pairs, two for each side of the necklace.
6. Use a small jump ring to attach one pair of grey beads to the bottom of each bird.
7. Turn the heart into a connector, using a bead cap at the bottom and a grey bead at the top.
8. Attach the top of the heart to the bottom of the chain with a large twisted jump ring.
9. Put a smooth 8mm jump ring through the hole in the top of the magnetite spike and attach it to the heart with the remaining 4mm jump ring.
10. Tie a small piece of scrap lace around the top of the heart. Fig 4

Love Birds Necklace Fig 4A


Your necklace is finished!

Love Birds NecklaceA