Project Description

By Melinda
I make a lot of earrings, and I write a lot of articles for jewelry-making magazines. Last week I went to visit my friend Ann, who also makes jewelry. I wore these earrings. “You know,” Ann told me, “I think these are the best pair of earrings you’ve ever made. There’s something wonderful about the way the components all work together.” I told her that part had nothing to do with me. It was all due to the expert designers at Blueberry Cove. They make it easy to put together combinations that really work. As for these earrings, they’re not going into my shop. I’m keeping them. Here’s how you can make your own!
Supplies From The Box:
Silver Medallions (2)
Turquoise Beads (16)
Rust-Colored Stone Beads (2)
Small Silver Beads
Tools And Other Supplies:
Silver-Plated Wire: 22 gauge
Twisted Silver Jump Rings (10) (Yadana Beads on Etsy)
Bead Caps (2)
Headpins: Silver, Ball-End (6)
Black Niobium Earwires (2)
Metal Hole Punch: 1.8mm (Eurotool)
One-Step Looping Tool
Flush Cutter Tool
Pliers: Chain-Nose, Round-Nose
Jax Pewter Black (optional)
Dorland’s Wax (optional)
Use metal hole punch to punch 4 extra holes into each disc. Gently hammer them flat.(fig 1)
Use  flush cutter to cut 2 small lengths of wire. Use looper tool to put a loop in one end of each wire. Add 8 beads to each, then make a loop at the other end, leaving just enough room to attach the earwires later.(fig 2)
Bend each beaded wire, so the end loops match up with the new holes you punched in the medallions. (fig 3)
Attach them with jump rings. For the 2 center bottom dangles, thread a small silver bead onto each of 2 headpins. Next add a rust-colored stone bead and a bead cap to each one. Finish the tops of the dangles by using the looper tool. Make the 4 side dangles by threading one silver bead onto each of 4 headpins. (fig 4)
Use jump rings to attach the center bottom dangles to the pre-existing loops on the medallions, and also to attach the side dangles to each earring. (fig 5).
If desired, you can darken the earrings with a blackening agent and seal them with microwax.
Attach earwires and you’re all set!