Project Description

Make this striking monochrome bracelet (which an optional splash of colour) using the contents of your Monochrome bead box.

First, gather your supplies (the supplies listed make a 6 inch bracelet):


Blueberry Cove Bead Box supplies:
1 black lava stone heart bead
7 black glass cylinder beads
3 black rose flower beads
8 howlite 6mm beads

Additional supplies:
black beading thread or polyester thread
sewing needle that easily fits through
the hole in the rose flower beads
12 inch strand black waxed linen cord
toggle clasp
adhesive such as Super New Glue

Optional: 2 red coral heishi beads 3x8mm


1. I wanted the black lava stone heart to be shiny so I varnished it! I did this the day before stringing it onto the linen cord. Varnish one side and let it dry for at least 8 hours before you varnish the other side. Allow varnished heart to dry overnight.


2. Cut a 12 inch  piece of black beading thread or polyester sewing thread. Thread the sewing needle.  You may want to use a bead stopper to keep the beads from falling off the end of the thread. String the 3 rose flower beads onto the thread.  Leave 4 to 5 inches of thread on the end – tail thread. Sew through the 3 rose flower beads again several times.  Tie a square knot with the working thread and the tail thread when they meet.  Sew the threads through the rose flower beads several times to tuck them in.  Put a dot of glue on the knot to secure it.


3. If you like, you can attach a bead stopper to the end of your waxed linen cord to stop the beads from sliding off.  String the beads onto the linen cord in the sequence shown in the photo.


4. On one end of the linen cord tie on one part of the toggle clasp.  Make a secure square knot.  Put a dot of glue on the knot to secure it. Tie the other part of the toggle clasp onto the other end of the cord and secure the knot with glue.


5. Trim the excess cord.


You’re done!!
Enjoy your new bracelet!