Project Description

By Melinda
I love stars. It doesn’t matter whether they’re stars in the nighttime sky, or sea stars scattered along the beach, either way, I’m in love with the shape. When I opened the box and found the little silver stars I let out a little happy squeak. This is just such a lovely palette, and the stars are perfect with the companion beads. I don’t keep much of the jewelry I make, but this bracelet, along with the earrings I made from this box, have gone into my personal jewelry wardrobe. Here’s how to make your own Star Quality Bracelet:
Supplies From Your Box:
Silver Star Beads (5)
Small Turquoise Beads (10)
Rust-Colored Stone Beads (2)
Large Pewter-Colored Drop Bead
Additional Tools And Supplies:
Silver-Plated Rolo Chain: 7” (Sun and Moon Craft Kits on Etsy)
Silver-Plated Wire: 24 gauge
Silver-Plated Jump Rings: smooth, 4mm (11)
Silver-Plated Ball-End Head pins(6)
Silver-Plated Clasp: lobster claw style
Twisted Antique Silver Jump Rings: 10mm (4) and 6mm (1)(Yadana Beads on Etsy)
Twisted Seashell Charm (Maya Honey on Etsy)
Small Silver Spacer Bead
Small Goldstone Beads (3)
Flush Cutter Tool
One-Step Looper Tool
Pliers: Chain-Nose and Round Nose
Assemble the star strand as follows: Use looper tool to put a loop at the end of (3) stars. Use looper to make a chain with 4 turquoise beads, one rust bead, 4 more turquoise beads and one more rust bead. Put a smooth jump ring at the end of the rust bead. Attach stars together with 2 more jump rings, and finally use one jump ring to attach star segment to bead segment. (fig 1)
Your finished strand should measure approximately 7”. (You can adjust the final size of the bracelet by adding or removing beads at this point.) Cut a matching length of silver-plated chain, making it a hair smaller so you can attach a jump ring to each end. (fig 2)
Make the following dangles, using head pins and a looping tool: For one end of the bracelet, make one star, one turquoise dangle, and one goldstone dangle, with a smooth jump ring attached to each one. (fig 3)
Attach these charms to the starry end of the bracelet with a 10mm twisted jump ring. For the other end, make one turquoise dangle and one goldstone dangle (each with a smooth jump ring) and then add 10mm twisted jump rings to one star and the shell charm. Assemble the longest dangle by threading the following onto a head pin: the large pewter drop, the silver spacer bead, and one goldstone bead. Finish with a loop at the top, and then attach a 6mm twisted jump ring.
Attach all of these dangles and the lobster claw clasp to the other end of the bracelet, using a 10mm jump ring. That’s all there is to it!