Project Description

I love tassel necklaces. One of the wonderful things about combining a little fabric with shiny stone beads is that it creates so much textural contrast. This entire necklace is actually a study in contrast… black beads with white, small beads with large, stone components with fabric ones. The length gives it versatility. The end result is a necklace that is both fun and elegant at the same time, equally at home with either jeans or a dress.
To make this necklace you will need:
Flush-Cutting Tool
One-Step Looper
Pliers: Round-nose, chain-nose
Materials From Your Box:
Black Barrel Beads (6)
Grey Faceted Stone Bead (1)
White Stone Beads (18)
Additional Materials:
Black Cording
Black Tassel
Jump Rings (8)
Onyx Ring
Silver Plated Wire: 20 gauge
1. Use a looper tool to turn 6 barrel beads into connectors.
2. Attach 3 beads together with jump rings. Make two of these.
3. Add a jump ring to each end.
4. Make 18 bead dangles, using looper tool, white beads, and headpins.
5. Attach 3 bead dangles to the connecting ring below each barrel bead. Fig 1
Tassel Necklace fig 1A
6. Cut (2) 28” pieces of black cord.
7. Pass one piece of cord through the jump ring at the top of one of the barrel bead segments and wrap it with wire. File the ends, burnishing them downward. Fig 2 (shown from the back) Do the same thing for the other piece of cord and the other barrel bead segment.
Tassel Necklace fig 2A
8. Tie a knot at the back, and trim the ends. Fig 3
Tassel Necklace fig 3A
9. Cut a long piece of wire. Run the wire through the top of the tassel, wrapping the tail at the top of the tassel.
10. Add a grey faceted bead. Wrap the wire through the top of  the ring and wrap the remaining wire tail around the top of the grey faceted bead. Fig 4
Tassel Necklace fig 4A
11. To make the top loops on the ring, begin by cutting  two pieces of wire. Wrap one of them around the ring once, then wrap the tail around the wire. Finish with a wrapped loop at the top.
You’re finished!
Tassel NecklaceA