Project Description

These earrings are bright and fun to wear year-round. They are the perfect complement to a summer outfit, and also a great way to brighten your mood on a grey winter day. Because they are largely made of fabric, chain, and filigree, they have a lot of visual impact, but are in fact very light weight and easy to wear!

Supplies From The Box:
(2) Green faceted beads
(2 ) Pink frosted beads
(24) Small blue crystal beads
8” piece of sari silk

Other Supplies:
(2) French Ear wires (antique brass)
(2) Ball-end antique brass head pins (Yadana beads on Etsy)
(4) Filigree bead caps
(6) 3mm antique brass jump rings
(2) 6mm twisted antique brass jump rings (Yadana beads on Etsy)
11” piece of antique brass rolo chain (Sun and Moon Craft Kits on Etsy)
Brass wire: 20 gauge and 24 gauge

Pliers: round-nose, chain-nose
One-step looper tool
Flush cutter tool
Small clothespins

Cut (2) 6” pieces of 20 gauge brass wire. File the ends smooth. Make 45-degree bends in the wire pieces, a little more than halfway up the wires (see fig. 1)

Fig. 1

Welcome to India Earrings photo 1

Use round-nose pliers to make loops at each end of each wire piece. Wrap the tails around the bottoms of the loops, leaving a 1-inch piece of wire between the wrapped loops (see fig. 2.) Burnish the ends of the wire downward with a file, making sure there are no sharp places.

Fig. 2

Welcome to India Earrings photo 2

Cut (4) 2” pieces of sari silk, 2 pink and 2 gold. Wrap one pink and one gold piece around the middle part of each looped component, securing the fabric with clothespins (see fig. 3.)

Fig. 3

Welcome to India earrings photo 3

Cut (2) 10” pieces of 24’gauge wire. Wrap the end of the 24 gauge wire around the wrapped end of one of the beads, again making sure there are no sharp pieces of wire sticking up. Add 12 blue crystal beads to the wire (see fig. 4.) Repeat for second bead.

Fig. 4

Welcome to India earrings photo 4

Remove the clothespin, holding the fabric onto the wire with the fingers of one hand, while wrapping the wire and beads around the fabric to secure it in place. Leave enough of a tail to wrap around the other end of the bead (fig. 5)

Fig. 5

Welcome to India earrings photo 5

Move beads into place and trim any excess fuzzy fabric ends. Using 1-step looper tool, make 2 bead dangles (figure 6.) Attach them to the bottom loops of the fabric beads.

Fig. 6

welcome to india earrings photo 6

Cut (2) 5 ½” pieces of chain and attach to filigree pieces with jump rings (fig. 7.)

Fig. 7

Welcome to india earrings photo 7

Use one-step looper tool, faceted green beads and bead caps to make connectors. Use these pieces to connect the tops of the filigree pieces to the loops in the ear wires. Use jump rings to attach the fabric bead dangles to the bottoms of the filigree pieces (see figure 8.)

Fig. 8

Welcome to India earrings photo 8

Your India earrings are complete!