This was our very first box, with a Woodland theme. There is a slim chance we may still have a few of these available; check out our store to see!

Woodland postcard

6 copper coloured heavy brass acorn beads, 15mm

Approx 20 green lucite leaf beads, 24mm

One antique bronze colour metal connector – birds on a branch, 7.3cm long

5 glazed ceramic beads with a large hole, 15mm

3 silver plated clasps in the shape of leaves

Approx 30 metal leaves, 21mm

One large glass donut pendant, 45mm diameter

One lampwork glass fox pendant, 54mm

One string of green stone leaf beads (approx 32 beads) 13mm long

3 silver plated tree pendants, 22mm

One antique bronze coloured metal owl pendant, 31mm

One string of 6mm round unakite beads

One string of wooden cylinder beads (approx 45 beads)