November is the month where festive making kicks into gear, whether you’re making for yourself or gifts for others. We decided to go for a non-traditional theme with Nordic Christmas; a box of wooden, woollen metal and glass beads and charms!

We might still have some of these boxes available for sale! Check out our online shop for past boxes to buy.


One string of 6x4mm opaque faceted white glass beads

One string of 6x4mm opaque faceted light turquoise glass beads

One string of 8x6mm opaque faceted red glass beads

8 red copper tone metal pine cone charms (13mm)

2 enamelled metal deer charms – either pink or blue (19mm)

8 silver colour metal snowflake pendants (19mm)

3 wooden embroidery pendants (45mm)

3 stone Christmas tree beads (various colours) (29mm)

3 grey wool-covered round beads (16mm)

10 wooden snowflake buttons (18mm)

1 golden metal deer charm with rhinestones (38mm)