When I was young I loved all things Wild West. I had a cowboy outfit, but my real favourites were the Indians (native Americans now of course) and I think this is where my first love of beads came from! Perhaps a native box will appear in the future… this box was all about the cowboys. So it features earthy colours as well as lots of turquoise and silver metal!

We might still have some of these boxes available for sale! Check out our online shop for past boxes to buy.


One strand of 4mm synthetic turquoise round beads (approx 90 beads)

6 oval brown glazed ceramic beads (16mm)

1 large round yellow ochre ceramic bead, 28mm

12 olive green glass beads (8mm)

1m length of brown waxed cord

2 pyrite (fools gold) drop pendant beads (20mm)

15 silver metal heart pattern round beads (6mm)

1 strand of 6mm orange/red synthetic turquoise beads (approx 67 beads)

2 round silver metal pendants (23mm)

1 oval dyed howlite focal bead (30mm)

1 strand of 5-8mm synthetic turquoise chip beads

10 silver metal star beads (13mm)

6 jasper/agate gemstone round beads (10mm)