Who doesn’t love bird beads? They can be whimsical, quirky, vintage or just cute. Our August 2016 box had a Birds theme, and this was a fun box to put together! The box includes tiny metal birds, howlite beads, connectors, as well as a strand of quirky ceramic beads.

We might still have some of these boxes available for sale! Check out our online shop for past boxes to buy.


One bronze metal birds on a branch connector (40mm)

4 bronze metal flying swallow connectors (37mm)

1 strand of blue ceramic beads (approx 12 beads)

10 small bronze metal bird charms (16mm)

2 silver metal bird clasps (22mm)

1 bronze metal bird nest pendant (24mm)

3 ceramic dove beads (18mm)

7 oval ceramic beads – assorted colours (18mm)

1 strand of light green 6mm glass pearl beads (approx 140 beads)

4 howlite bird beads (16mm)

2 bronze metal bird charms (25mm)

2 printed oval shell connectors (30mm)

8 bronze metal hummingbird beads (14mm)

10 copper colour metal bird beads (15mm)

2 ceramic handpainted owl beads (17mm)