Winter can be a magical time, and the most magical day of winter is the Winter Solstice; the shortest day of the year. This box captures that frosty feeling of a short winter day, the colours of the sunrise and sunset.

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1 strand of 6mm clear crackle glass beads

3 purple and gold faceted synthetic turquoise drop beads (20x15mm)

6 shell moon beads (13mm)

1 golden tree of life pendant (28mm)

4 silver metal celtic triangle pendants (17mm)

2 silver metal antler pendants (50mm)

4 electroplated natural quartz pendants (various sizes)

1 flat round goldsand ampwork glass bead (28mm)

5 blue and silver round lampwork glass beads (13mm)

1 strand 6mm dark blue goldstone beads

1 strand dyed purple frosted agate beads (approx 64 beads)