There are lots of inspiring time periods when it comes to beads, and the Victorian era is no exception. The popular image of Queen Victoria is the one from her later years, an older woman in black, forever in mourning for her husband. But there is also Victoria the young queen, with her husband Albert, and the wonderful jewellery she wore (if you watch The Crown on Netflix this is a box for you!). The box has silver charms, glass pearl strands, faceted glass, lots of lovely things!

We might still have some of these boxes available for sale! Check out our online shop for past boxes to buy.


1 strand 4mm flat round faceted plated glass beads (approx 80 beads)

18 bronze metal filigree flower connectors (15mm)

8 bronze metal crown charms (14mm)

4 faceted flat round glass beads (18mm)

1 strand of 6x4mm black faceted glass beads (approx 95 beads)

8 white glass pearl beads (8mm)

1 strand 6mm white glass pearl beads (approx 70 beads)

1 strand 6mm beige glass pearl beads (approx 70 beads)

6 silver metal heart bead frames (20mm)

7 crown and initials silver metal charms (19mm)

15 silver metal key charms (15mm)

4 pink resin flower beads (10mm)

1 hollow silver metal pendant (28mm)

6 round flower lampwork beads (10mm)