As I’m originally from Scotland, this box theme had been in my mind for quite a while. I may not live in Scotland any more but I feel a strong tie to the landscape and colours of the country, and I tried to capture a bit of that in this box, along with some celtic design. So this box contains various glass and stone beads in purples, greens and greys, and a selection of celtic charms.

We might still have some of these boxes available for sale! Check out our online shop for past boxes to buy.


1 strand of 6mm grey netstone beads (approx 60 beads)

1 strand of 8x6mm light purple faceted glass beads (approx 70 beads)

1 oval faceted glass brown crystal bead (24mm)

1 strand 6x4mm dark purple faceted glass beads (approx 95 beads)

15 silver metal celtic triangle charms (14mm)

8 circular celtic knot charms/connectors (15mm)

1 strand 4mm Taiwan natural jade beads (approx 100 beads)

1 strand 4mm green glass beads (approx 80 beads)

8 amethyst nugget beads (14-25mm)

6 brown shell beads (15mm)

8 celtic knot silver metal charms (18mm)

8 green shell drop beads (13mm)