I live in a rural farming area, so in the summer and autumn there are a lot of farm sights around which inspired this box. Our farmyard theme featured natural coloured beads and lots of charms!


One string of 8mm round yellow-green beads (approx 100 beads)

2 metal lantern charms, antique silver colour (20mm)

2 metal cow charms, silver colour (19mm)

One strand of 6mm green frosted round glass beads (approx 140 beads)

2 metal dog charms, red copper colour (18mm)

4 brown glazed oval ceramic beads (18mm)

3 glass lampwork corn on the cob beads (17mm)

3 enamelled apple charms (18mm)

4 metal rooster pendants, antique gold colour (20mm)

5 round green-black-grey-brown ceramic beads (12mm)

3 glass lampwork green vegetable beads (21mm)

3 metal barley charms, antique silver colour (25mm)

4 metal pig charms, antique bronze colour (12mm)

copper colour grain metal spacers (approx 40, 4mm)