This tutorial is by Cat.

In this project you’ll learn how to weave a beaded wire fairy catcher pendant!

You will need from your box:
– Pendant hoop from Blueberry Cove Beads
– Star Bead from Blueberry Cove Beads
– Round Glass Beads from Blueberry Cove Beads

Other supplies:
– Black Beading Wire
– Seed Beads Fairytale
– Necklace Cord
– Glue


1. Cut a long length of black beading wire and knot one end to the loop at the top of the pendant hoop.
Step 1

2. Wrap the wire, from front to back, around the pendant hoop eight times at even spaces until you reach the top of the pendant again.
Step 2

3. This time, slip a seed bead onto the wire and wrap it around the previous wire hoop. Continuing until you reach the top of the pendant.
Step 3

4. Repeat the previous step without the seed beads.
Step 4

5. Attach the star bead to the middle of the pendant, tie off and trim the wire.
Step 5

6. Cut a length of necklace cord to fit around your neck twice and pick out some glass beads.
Step 6

7. Slide the pendant into the middle of the cord and knot at either side. Add the glass beads at either side, knotting between each.
Step 7

8. Knot either side of the cord in around the opposite side of the necklace and secure with a little glue.
Step 8

And your pendant is complete!
Fairy Catcher Necklace 3