This tutorial is by Brooke.
When my first Blueberry Cove box arrived, I was delighted to see it was a fairy theme. I am a lover of all things mystical and magical in the forest so it seemed as though this box was handpicked for me. I spread out the goodies and got right to work. The first things that came together simply and easily were these pairs of earrings. You can make enough to wear and share in an hour or two.

starearringsFrom your Box:
2 Star Beads
2 Silver Butterfly connectors
8 small Iridescent beads
2 Mushroom beads

Extra supplies and tools:
Silver hoop earrings
White waxed linen cord
2 Decorative headpins
Needle nose pliers
Silver Jump rings
A small bit of moss

For the Mushroom Earrings:
1. Add mushroom beads to the decorative headpins and make a twisted loop at the top.
2. Slide is bit of moss onto the earring hoop, followed by the Mushroom and then finish with a little more moss.
3. Tie moss in place with a small piece of waxed linen thread. Trim ends of thread short.

For the Magical Night Earrings:
1. Add jump rings to star beads.
2. Add jump rings to butterfly connectors at the top and the bottom. Add a star bead to the bottom jump ring as you close it.
3. Add a small iridescent bead to a 3 inch piece of waxed linen thread. Knot the end. Repeat on the other end. Do this with 3 more pieces of waxed linen thread so you have a total of 4.
4. Slide butterfly connector onto earring and knot a beaded piece of thread on either side of the butterfly.

mushroomearrings2    starearrings2

Brooke Bock is a school teacher by day and an artist all other times. Her work is often found in Stampington titles such as Jewelry Affaire, Belle Armoire Jewelry and GreenCraft. Follow her artistic pursuits on and