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When you were young, didn’t you always get so excited for Christmas and your birthday? That pile of presents, the excitement of what might be inside? And after the pleasure of opening the presents came the play; inventing things, creating things, escaping into your own world!

Blueberry Cove Beads captures some of that childhood excitement. Each month you’ll receive a box of beads – we know, you love beads! – what beads will they be? What will be the theme? There is the thrill of opening the box, and then there is the relaxing escapism of spending some time being inspired, letting your creativity guide you and seeing what you make. We could all use a little more ‘me’ time; why not schedule some into your life with a monthly box of wonderful beads!

``I don't think I need any more beads``

said no beader ever!

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Crystal Cave box

Crystal Cave box
This box was inspired by the Naica mines in Mexico; a magical place – not open to tourists unfortunately! – filled with absolutely massive crystal structures.

India box

India box
Inspire yourself with our exotic India theme! Indian jewellery is amazingly beautiful, and their saris are so colourful. We tried to capture a flavour of this in our box.

Nordic Xmas box

Nordic Xmas box
Our November 2015 box, filled with wonderful wooden, woollen, metal and glass beads and charms! Our favourites were the pine cone charms…

December Abstract box

December Abstract box
Inspired by a floral watercolour painting, this box has a colour palette of blues, purples, yellows and greens.

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