This tutorial is by Debra.

Use the unicorn charms and opal hearts from your Fairyland box to make these wonderful earrings!

unicorn1Gather your supplies:

From the box:
2 Unicorn charms
6 opal heart beads

Other items:
Flat nose and round nose pliers
Wire cutters
6 head pins – 26 or 30mm
Measuring tape
6 jump rings – 4 or 5mm
(or more if necessary)
4 pieces of chain – 1 inch or less
2 pieces of chain – 1 ¼ inch
2 earring hooks

To begin, to put each of the opal hearts on head pins. Place one opal heart on one head pin.  Create a simple loop at the top of the heart using your flat nose and round nose pliers.  Trim the excess head pin wire with your wire cutters. Repeat for each of the remaining opal hearts. Set aside.


Option: you can add a jump ring to the end of the piece of chain and then add the opal heart with loop to the jump ring and chain.

If you have not already done so – cut your chain to the required lengths.
Attach each of the looped opal hearts to a piece of chain.
Attach a jump ring to opposite end of the piece of chain. Attach one open jump ring with chain and heart to the loop at the bottom of one Unicorn charm. Close the jump ring. Repeat with each of the remaining pieces of chain with attached opal hearts. Place the longest heart chain in the middle with a short heart chain on either side.


Now that all the chain pieces have an opal heart attached all you have to do is attach the top loop on the Unicorn charm to the loop on one earring hook.
Repeat for the second earring.


That’s it! Enjoy your new pair of Unicorn Earrings!


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