This tutorial has been written by Melinda Barnett, and is inspired by our India box!

This is a wonderful anklet because not only is it colorful and lovely, but it also makes a little jingle with every step, evoking both the sights and sounds of India! Although the pattern looks complicated, this is a very easy technique and the basic bracelet can be finished in a few hours. The design can also easily be made smaller and worn as a bracelet.

Most anklets in this style measure 10 inches in total length. Before you begin I suggest putting a 10-inch string around your ankle to see where it will fall. You can then adjust the length of your own anklet, depending on the size of your ankle and your preference regarding where the bead dangles will end up.

Supplies From The Box:
(34) frosted pink beads
(9) Bi-color orange glass crackle beads
(17) Faux pearls
(34) Small blue crystal beads
(11) Bells
(2) Filigree strand reducers/connector pieces
(3) green faceted beads

Other Supplies:
String (for measuring your ankle)
Hook-style clasp (Simpson Studios on Etsy)
(40) 3mm brass jump rings
(2) 6mm twisted antique brass jump rings (Yadana Beads on Etsy)
(4) 8mm green stone beads
(1) vintage green glass piece with gold cap
(3) square gold filigree pieces
(7) antique brass, ball-end head pins (Yadana Beads on Etsy)
(3) 3mm bright gold plated round metal beads
(6) 4mm filigree bead caps
20” piece of rolo chain (Sun and Moon Craft Kits on Etsy)
(12)  8mm gold rice-shaped (football, marquise or horse eye) beads

Pliers: round-nose, chain-nose (2 pairs)
One-step looper tool (not necessary, but it makes things so much easier)
Flush cutter tool
Measuring tape or ruler

Attach 3mm jump rings to the ends of the filigree connector pieces. Attach two more jump rings to each of the center sections (there are two center sections in each end piece – see fig. 1.) Attach each end of the hook-style clasp to the jump rings at the end, using twisted 6mm jump rings.
Welcome To India Anklet Step 1 Photo

For the next step, set a ruler or measuring tape down on a flat surface, and put the ends of the hook-style clasp at each end of the total length of your anklet. Cut 4 pieces of rolo chain exactly as long as the gap between the two end pieces (see fig. 2.)

Welcome To India Anklet Step 2 Photo

Attach the chain segments to one end of the bracelet with jump rings (see fig. 3.)

Welcome To India Anklet Step 3 Photo

Put a small blue crystal bead onto a headpin, followed by a bi-color orange crackle glass bead. Put the end of the headpin through the chain, in the third link from the end piece. Add a frosted pink bead. Put the end of the headpin through the 5th link in the next chain. (There will be a little more slack in the two center sections than there is in the two end sections. See fig. 4.) Add a pearl next, and put the end of the headpin through the 5th link in the next chain. Add a pink frosted bead, and put the end of the headpin through the 3rd link in the next chain. Finish by adding a small blue crystal. Use a one-step looper tool to finish the end of the headpin in a small loop (if you don’t have this tool you can create a loop using round nose pliers).

Welcome To India Anklet Step 4 Photo

For the next headpin, the beads will be exactly the same, with one exception: the bi-color orange bead will be replaced with a rice-shaped gold bead. These two beads will alternate throughout the pattern. For the rest of the bracelet, the head pins will go through the 4th link from the last head pin (see fig. 5.) When you get to the end of the chain sections, trim any excess or uneven links and attach the chains to the second end piece so it looks just like the other end (as seen in fig. 8.

Welcome To India Anklet Step 5 Photo

Use jump rings to attach bells: one onto each end, and one onto every other bottom loop (see fig. 6.)

Welcome To India Anklet Step 6 Photo

To make the cone and bead dangles, put a headpin through a small round gold bead. Follow with an 8mm green stone bead, a rice-shaped bead, a cone-shaped bead cap and a second round bead. Finish with a loop at the top. (See fig. 7.) Make 4.

Attach these cone and bead dangles to the bracelet, alternating them with filigree pieces. Where the 5th dangle would be, attach a green glass piece (see fig. 8.)

Welcome To India Anklet Step 8 Photo

Attach filigree pieces. Make dangles using green glass faceted beads, filigree bead caps, and headpins (see fig. 9.)

Welcome To India Anklet Step 9 Photo

Attach green beads to filigree pieces (fig. 10.)

Welcome To India Anklet Step 10 Photo

Congratulations, your anklet is finished!

Melinda Barnett is a frequent contributor to several Stampington publications, including Belle Armoire Jewelry and Jewelry Affaire magazines. More of her work can be seen at